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Hebe species

The plants range in size from dwarf shrubs to small trees up to 7 metres, and are distributed from coastal to alpine ecosystems. Large-leaved species are normally found on the coast, in lowland scrub and along forest margins. At higher altitudes smaller-leaved species grow, and in alpine areas there are whipcord species with leaves reduced to thick scales.

Hebe’s are grown in many gardens and public areas; they attract butterflies. Hebes cope with most soil types, and can be propagated easily from both seed and cuttings. Wild Hebe hybrids are uncommon; however, there are many cultivated hybrids, such as Hebe × franciscana.
The Hebe Society, formed in 1985 under the auspices of the Royal Horticultural Society, promotes the cultivation and conservation of hebes and other New Zealand native plants.

About Us

Bankside Nursery is owned and operated by Nurseryman David Crockford. The nursery is a modern, purpose built 2 acre Nursery specializing in container grown Hebe’s and the propagation of wholesale nursery stock.


In his early 20’s David started dabbling in propagation in his parent’s backyard while employed as a Nurseryman. It’s during these early years that David’s love of Hebe’s developed and soon realized his passion could fill a void in the wholesale market.
David took his passion and with an astute business eye began producing a small, but varied range of Hebe liners for local wholesale nurseries and auction houses. As the business developed David soon found his small Hobby had outgrown both his parent’s garden and that of his generous neighbour!

After several years of promoting his business and expanding his range it was clear David had to look at moving his “backyard nursery” to larger premises and in 2008 he broke ground on what is now Bankside Nursery.
Of course David couldn’t have achieved all of this without help which came from his parents and longtime partner Natalie. Today’s Bankside Nursery is a family run business built from the ground up with passion and a lot of hard work.

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